I have added a “raw portfolio” at the following link to give a quick overview http://www.mindreleaselabs.com/portfolio/raw-portfolio/

I have recently started putting together tools for game developers which will provide them with systems to incorporate into their games that will save them time, make their assets look beautiful and get their brain cooking on new directions they may take in developing their current games or future game and apps. Being a developer in the Unity game engine since 2010 I have taken on quite a few projects which have given me insight into the types of toolsets and assets which are needed for rapid prototyping and setup. I make these tools powerful but simple to use and expose their “guts” so to speak to those who love tweaking systems and repurposing codebases for their own unique variation on the theme. Being a veteran of procedural and reactive animation setups with 15+ years experience in setting up such I use this paradigm to make these toolsets and systems. My first two releases to Unity’s Asset Store reflect this mindset. Both Katagon and the PeltUberShader, which can be accessed from the sidebar menu are examples in their own respect of the approach I will continue to take. I am currently revamping a set of what I called TechnoPrimitives by adding a series of procedural scripts that will allow rapid prototyping and construction of Rube Goldberg machines, scifi based structures, towers, space stations, starships, buildings, piping networks and what have you by simply creating an empty parent game object and dropping various objects as children of the parent. It will then set up structures which can be rapidly reconfigured simply by changing the child object order. One will also be able to nest other procedural constructors as children of the main parent, it’s children and it’s children’s children to generate all kinds of unique configurations of objects allowing the rapid prototyping of scenes and levels. Included will be a huge library of custom textures for both technological and terrain objects.

Living in the North Georgia mountains just off the Appalachian trail has been an awesome experience after living in both NYC and Atlanta for 30+ years. No loud rap, no dumpster banging and emptying at 3:30am after a 16 hour day of development, no sirens and innumerable stoplights. There does seem to be a dearth of developers and artists in the digital domain up here so as an entrepreneurial type I will be returning to doing some web development for the business and personal needs of local folks and businesses up here. I started web development back in the days right before inline jpeg images were able to be shown in the browser and have produced hundreds of websites over the years. Beyond that I can also produce real time architectural visualization “walk throughs” along with other types of product previz in which the user can control surface textures, lighting, furniture and objects placement and any other details that may be suited to “sell” the product being presented. I will also make my skills and artists eye available for any and all kinds of apps and games for iOS and Android platforms, videos and other collaterals for branding, product previz and any etceteras one can think of in the digital arts realms. Tutoring in game development and most digital arts applications is also available as a service for the individual or classes. My youtube channel can be browsed by clicking this youtube link. If you have need or interest in such I can be contacted via email at dev@mindreleaselabs.com or if you wish to speak to me personally (Randy Blain) you can call me on my landline at 706 838 0266. I mention landline because I often get folks trying to text me and mobile phones don’t work so well up here in the mountains. Three days to transfer a text message is unacceptable for the amount per month service providers charge.



PeltUberShader V1 – A Substances Based Quadruped Pelt Shader

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Link to demo is  PeltUberShader Demo Webplayer Asset Store link is http://u3d.as/content/mind-release-labs/pelt-uber-shader-substance-v1 The Substances based PeltUberShader was designed to rapidly provide variations of coloring, hair depth and muscle tone for most quadruped type creatures. It... READ MORE