3D Character Design

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This is the first bunch of characters I have uploaded for a review of my character creation, texture and normal mapping and rigging skills. More galleries will be added as time permits. You may have a delay before the slide … Continued

Industrial Design Carousel

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I have worked in the industrial design since 1987 mostly designing and building signage and designing architectural installs for a gentleman named Tony Vergouven. He has acted for agent for me for many large projects including the largest freestanding statue … Continued

2D Art – Painting & Drawing Carousel

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I was originally trained as an oil painter in the Renaissance and Baroque traditions of the Italian and Dutch masters. I studied scifi and fantasy illustration under Wayne Barlowe who is best known for his creative and art direction on … Continued

Randy Lee Blain CV

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Contact Info Randy Lee Blain 3 Mountain Lake Drive Blue Ridge, Georgia, 30513 T 706 838 0266 email dev@mindreleaselabs.com Profile Currently a¬†Unity Interactive 3D Engineer Developer, 3D and Special Effects Technical Director, Digital Cinema Imaging Technician, Concept Artist and Creative … Continued