Tail Of The Dragon – Real World Motorcycle Run

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The Tail Of The Dragon is a winding stretch of highway near Robbinsville NC. A section of Hwy 129 that stretches from Deal Gap to 11.1 miles northwest it contains 318 turns, some 270 degrees, and is considered a challenge to even the most seasoned of motorcyclists. The topology of the land and the road itself has been reproduced to within 5 meters of accuracy using satellite and Open Street Map data, brought into a game engine and two standard motorcycle types added so a virtual ride up this famous stretch can be done virtually. Your score is tallied by the time taken with penalties for crashing, being offroad, and the percentage of time travelled in the right hand lane. Crash and the iconic Calestar, a metallic dragon sculpture famously sitting at the store at the beginning of the run ( http://tailofthedragon.com ), swoops in and and let’s you know…you have been had by the Tail Of The Dragon. At the end of the run, if you make it, your score is tallied and the lowest score is the best. The game will be expanded and additional motorbikes and modes will be added in the future along with other famous motorcycle runs. As the game expands the price will rise accordingly. If you purchase this early access release at a reduced price all future expansion packs will be downloadable at no further costs. We are offering this early access release for a mere 5 dollars, close to the cost of one of those frufrued out coffee dessert drinks or a premium beer at your fave drinking establishment should you be old enough for such. Great fun for motorcycle enthusiasts or their favorite youngster, the game can be dowloaded by clicking the paypal button below and you will be sent a link to obtain a copy on either Windows, OS X or Linux. You will be added to the list and all future expansion packs will be freely downloadable. Have fun and get yer motor running’ and head out on the highway!


Tail Of The Dragon – Real World Road Run V1

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