3D Character Design

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This is the first bunch of characters I have uploaded for a review of my character creation, texture and normal mapping and rigging skills. More galleries will be added as time permits. You may have a delay before the slide … Continued

Game Art WIP Screenshots Gallery

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http://www.mindreleaselabs.com/gameArt/index.html The above link is a collection of WIP screenshots to my work for various games. I have been modeling and rigging characters since 1999, so the above is not a full sweep of my skills or genres I am … Continued

The Real Power Structure

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The personages often imagined to be at the top are actually the second level of the human power hierarchy. Yes, the Rothschild’s control massive amounts of wealth, but whose wealth besides their own? It would make sense that some of … Continued


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Considering the arc of my life path, my closely held belligerence as even a small boy to bloviating psuedo-authority, and my refusal to even greet the world after a nine month pregnancy and deciding I would rather pop out when … Continued