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I have worked in the industrial design since 1987 mostly designing and building signage and designing architectural installs for a gentleman named Tony Vergouven. He has acted for agent for me for many large projects including the largest freestanding statue in the southeastern US, The Great Fish as it has been monikered. This statue weighs in at 83 tons, is clad in 1230 hand pounded copper scales and 3000+ hand cut pieces of copper foil. The copper itself weighs in at over 10.5 tons. It is capable f withstanding an 8.5 earthquake and 175 mph winds. This subsequently led to my being chosen over several hundred other artists such as Peter Max and others to be chosen by the VP of Coca Cola to sculpt and lead the art engineering and construction team for what was the largest art install at the 96 Olympics. It came in at 175 tons, was 167 feet tall with a sculpted 3D piece crowning it of the Olympic Flame icon logo. Around it were arrayed banners with the names of every country attending the Olympics and at the time and sported at the time the largest Coke bottle profile in the world. In 2002 I worked for The Floating Company who had built an even larger one for the baseball stadium in San Fancisco,, They had hired me to design several pieces..the stage and lighting plots, a 45 foot Egle puppet with an internal rigging to puppeteer it with a 50 foot Aztec sun dial, rotating stage of 125 foot and an 80 foot video screen and  flaming metal heart sent on stage on a railroad style conveyance on railroad tracks for the cancelled Michael Jackson Ones tour. I also did all the working miniatures and a series of hero renders of key points in the stage show that was bound into a one off leather covered book that was presented to prince Abdul of Saudi Arabia, who was funding the tour to the tune of 700 million dollars. Among other designs, sculptures and builds I was involved i were the largest fibre optic sign in Times Square, the work largest Camel TV (remember that character?) and a series of five direct build sculptures of aluminum flatbar substrate and clad in perforated aircraft aluminum that supported advertising structures with an Atlas thematic to them that were placed in downtown Atlanta and Buckhead.

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