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Contact Info

Randy Lee Blain

3 Mountain Lake Drive

Blue Ridge, Georgia, 30513

T 706 838 0266

email dev@mindreleaselabs.com


Currently a Unity Interactive 3D Engineer Developer, 3D and Special Effects Technical Director, Digital Cinema Imaging Technician, Concept Artist and Creative Director, Unity game engine for PC, OS X desktops, WebGL, Apple and Android developer with over 35 years experience in all facets of the entertainment, game and web technologies programming and arts fields.


Atomic physics based game http://monumentalartseng.com/cyclotronica/

Raw Portfolio http://www.mindreleaselabs.com/portfolio/raw-portfolio/

LinkedIn  https://www.linkedin.com/pub/randy-blain/b/695/580

Personal site http://www.mindreleaselabs.com 

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Music and Animation Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mYhijuMZYv0

YouTube Dev Channel http://www.youtube.com/user/dev007up?feature=mhee

May 2009 Showreel http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CyA-xkTN9IU

Nayel Construction Video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rV6zaEsiEU8

Nayel Advertsing Digital Billboards http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=emQmiJjW7yw

OUI Nike Watch Commercial http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8ftJl_YxJA

Yellow Cry Pre-Production Series Trailer http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nVkNdSul5cc


360 Knee Systems – (Jan 2020) – Web recreation of internal software designed to load a bone scan of a patient and test various knee implants against relevant points of the patients anatomy and critical planes and points on the implant. Used inside of surgeon web base calendar for planning sugeries and for patient medical records to record details of the device the patient had implanted.

Monumental Arts Engineering – (Apr-Nov 2019)  – CEO of company formed to restore The Great Fish statue in Buckhead, Atlanta at The Fish Market. The largest freestanding statue in the southeast sporting 11 tons of pure copper cladding, of which I was the original sculptor and project manager, had been designated an historical site. We cleaned 25 years of grime off it with various chemical solutions, reclad the head and fins to seal against further water damage, sealed the base with concrete and roofing tar. We applied a Statue of Liberty patina using a proprietary formula we developed and patented as unique using fairly safe chemicals.

Vizz3D – (Aug 2016) – Senior Unity Consultant and Engineer for BIM based AEC project management for Arol Wolford, the creator of Revit and the originator of the BIM spec. Systems included recordable networked virtual tours, dynamic forms able to reconfigure themselves into hundreds of variants based on data type recorded or accessed, 3D node link based data display for rapid intuitive navigation thru thousand of groups of data to pinpoint specific data, real world coordinates physical sky. It also included full task assignment and tracking, extending the BIM spec per project needs, vendor and installer costs, delivery, begin and end install dates, a scrubbable timeline that sow the project built from the grond up based on harvesting dates from the additional specs provided. VR capable. AR targets on specific parts to be recognized on walk thru via iDevice. Many other systems Extremely heavy UI work. Performance tuning from around 10fps to hundreds with loaded model. Created the VIMaec viewer that was the first iteration of AEC partners on Unity’s front page.

Project Free Ride – Elements Group – (Apr 2016) – Creation of four character obstacles, a stag, bear, human and canine, rigged, textured, Mecanim controller and scripting for wraparound mega screen (approximately 30 x 15 foot) driving sim with actuator steering and responsive seating, gas and brakes for driving simulator.

Operation Bagman – (Apr 2016) – Fixed Mecanim Navigation and Melee Brawl Controller, dividing motion into upper and lower body independencies. Optimized controller from 50+ nodes and over 200 transitions into 7 nodes and a dozen transitions and dropped the code to control it from over 200 lines to 12.

Global Wheels Creative and Technical Director (Nov 2015) – Global Wheels Games website. Originally contracted for the Tail Of The Dragon motorcycle game for the Global Wheels conglomerate of companies I was offered an ongoing position to create any game based around vehicle physics. Global Wheels is the premiere company producing the custom hotrod shows in the southeastern US. I have since expanded their business into the custom furniture using classic and high end auto enthusiast styling with sculptural metal, diamond tuck leather upholstering and finished in candy color custom car type finishes.

Digital Venues (Jan – Current 2016) – Content control of a digital billboard using desktop software to remotely control rotating content on a digital board in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Creation of ad content and videos for clients displaying to this and other boards as well as Industrial Design work for further digital board installs for original and beautiful structural designs an engineering of said design work.

Tail Of The Dragon - (Oct – Dec 2015) Motorcycle Sim – A game based on the real world motorcycle run of the Tail Of The Dragon north of Robbinsville North Carolina. Recreation of terrain and road based on real world elevation and detail maps, Open Street Map data with custom shaders.

Big Bad Brawler – Floyd Mayweather Street Fighting Prototype Demo – (Aug – Sept 2015) Tekken style fight game for mobile devices using a Floyd Mayweather AAA rigged character model as it’s main player controlled avatar. Handled all facets of Mecanim setup, transitions and a comprehensive dial in strengths and weaknesses framework for the Unity engine.

Ecosystem AI Programmer & Technical Artist (Aug 2015) -Designing animal behavior AI for continuously running AI ecosystem simulation for Age of Survival . Involves procedural programming of algorithms for predator/prey relationships and pursuit dynamics, custom schooling, flocking and herd behavior and driving the Mecanim animator controllers based on input and output parameters. 

PeltUberShader – A Substances Based Quadruped Pelt shader (Released July 2015) Shader asset for Unity 5 Asset Store with infinite variations of coloration based on 13 patches common to most quadrupeds. http://www.mindreleaselabs.com/misc/peltubershader-v1-a-substances-based-quadruped-pelt-shader/

Katagon. -Procedural IK Combat and Navigation (released June 2015) toolset for Unity 5 for the Asset Store. http://www.mindreleaselabs.com/misc/katagon-procedural-ik-combat-and-navigation-system/

Scarlet V2 VJ Toolset (Apr – May 2015) – Upgrade and addition of numerous systems to the project detailed below. Used for The Barbarella Music festival in Santo Domingo and used nightly at The Marquee in Las Vegas.

Gravity Lift (Feb 2015 - Mar 2015) – iOS and Android traffic simulation game where the driver uses antigravity to move cars out of the way to get to his destination.

The Venus Project Virtual World (Jan 2015) - Brought in as Unity consultant for a development team for The Venus Project – Designing The Future Virtual World. Outline of vision to go from Jacque Fresco’s life work to an open world simulation type scenario where users build out the virtual cities.

VisoMall (Dec – 2014)  Setup of snap together virtual mall and storefronts, deco environment objects and custom avatars and character/camera controller

VJ Toolset -(Nov – Dec 2014) – Set of two tools using Syphon to relay Unity output of one camera to a Syphon client for projection onto large screen for live shows for award winning Creative Director of American Idol. Used in Las Vegas at The Marquee..the worlds most famous and expensive nightclub. Second camera showed UI controls for creating loops, color changes, font changes and dynamic transition in both color space and transform or head direction and emotions for expression based head and face rig as well as a dynamic procedural text sfx generator.

HexaGod (Sept – Oct 2014)-  Procedurally generated hex grid based mnemonic and time based reaction puzzler with infinite levels for iOS and Android.

Snow Chasers (Sept – Oct 2014) – Dual lane endless runner action with a Christmas thematic for iOS and Android.

I’m Not Afraid Of The Dark (Feb - April 2014) – Child’s storybook 3D illustrations in Pixar style for champion heavyweight boxer Cedric Boswell.

MPGv16 MIDI Percussion Gauntlet (Jan – Aug 2014) Patented invention of a form fitting “superhero” styled gauntlet with a piezo triggering system and 10DOF sensors to allow the playing of percussion instruments with the hands on any surface eliminating the need for drum machines and bringing back the human feel to laying down drum tracks. Application interface created in Unity and ready to use to log onto a multiplayer drum circle server where one can participate in drum circles with other users from around the world. Software allowed triggered signal amplitude to be conditioned to stay within human feel range, affected by angular speed and acceleration as well as be assigned to any sample, MIDI instrument on users DAW and control any aspect of a studios workstation that can be automated via MIDI.

Yipy’s MonsterLab (Nov – Feb 2014) – Kids game where you choose pixar styled monsters and change body, head and face features. Monsters react to changes with a number of animations and sounds. For iOS and Android

Indestructible Cannon (Oct – Nov 2013) - Worked on StreetFighter clone styled combat system to get it in shape for XBox (Oct 2013 – Nov 2013)

The Realms of Goldesia (Aug – Sept 2013)- Consultant on large narrative driven MMORPG destined for KickStarter. Devising of a synchronized timeline for narrative flow and proper story arc trajectories for multi-branching decision and task driven narrative, the CraftBenching subsystem and economics, markets and political simulation rules and setup. Development of promotional materials from a technical and game mechanics standpoint

Katagon - (Sept 2012 – May 2013) The Katagon System was developed from research done into creating procedural martial arts based rigs using constraining splines that IK goals ride along and martial arts combat and defense theory and rules. With the introduction of the Mecanim module in Unity 4.0 the ability to port this over to Unity for use with Avatars became possible. With a broad style of game mechanics in view a modular system was set up where keyboard or axis input determined the navigation and stance movements of the lower body and mouse left and right buttons controlled upper body movement via a procedural IK system of constraints. This allows the system to be extended to accommodate any weapon or style to be used with very few or no further animations needing to be created. By balancing of variables or adjusting spline shapes in each of the modes a wide variety of gameplay styles can be tweaked to accommodate the needs of the game mechanic attempting to be achieved.

Ascension – The Will Of The Gods – (Jan – May 2013) Lead Developer for KickStarter launched procedural combat simulator. Creation of all art assets, environments, characters, animations and scripting for the concept demo. Includes ability for player to set up 27 strikes, blocks and stances from a setup menu. Includes damage and chi systems, disabling of limbs based on damage to limb, both a free navigation and combat system state machine and accompanying scripting were devised to allow full procedural fine grained control over you players avatar. As well as comprehensive AI combat system was written for the DojoMaster, a central figure in the games mythology, so the player combat system has an opponent to test and challenge players on for the demo. To be released on KickStarter in April 2012.

Monumedia (1987 on) – Architecture and Industrial Design for high end digital billboard displays at prominent locations. Creation of architectural renderings, promo and concept videos as well as content.

Corson Design (1999 on) – Industrial Design and Fabrication of various NightClub, Studio and Salon, Corporate architectural installs, building facades replacements, interior redesign incorporating compound curved surfaces and organic sculpting using high alloy metals, cutting edge lighting and large LED digital displays.

TSW – (Aug – Nov 2012) – Consultant for virtual mall for entertainment industry. Showed the artist team how to properly create and texture prefabs and developed an extendable navigation system that will incorporate as many new stores as they have clients for as well as an Avatar Customization Module driven by a Mecanim Character controller setup.

iPetProject (Mar- Aug 2012) Game Development – Quadraped creation, rigging, animation and game mechanics. Created and scripted multiple interlocking systems for a K9 including navigation, animation blending, scientifically correct oxygen, calorie and H2O consumption based on activity levels, conforming to slopes, game animal tracking and chasing, head look, breathing and wag controllers, 13 layer custom pelt generating procedural shader, weapons systems, speedometers etc etc etc..

Nayel Holdings (Sept 2011 - March 2012)  – Multimedia Producer Creator and producer/director of 3d video assets and archviz for Mr. Medhat Nayel. Mr. Nayel is an Egyptian American hailing from one for the wealthiest tribes who has 20 different companies covering almost every industry category under one of only about 350 Holding Companies in the US. I was responsible for creating a series of videos for each one of these companies as he goes about organizing them.

Mind Release Labs LLC (09-current) CTO Game and Apple/Android Developer (LLC and partnership dissolved in 2011) Released many games to the AppStore, web and desktop. Created all art assets, scripting, compilation of games for large and small projects, systems and setups for dozens of clients. Games previously released include, NitroFist SpinBoxing, Cubular Chess, RatTrappery and Santa Sleigh Slolam.

RealviewTV (08-09) Flash Research and Development - Flash developer for video agency. Developed over 20 high end  interactive streaming video websites for Universities, online ministries and educational sites.

DGray Design (06-08) CTO. All coding, animation, 3D movie pipeline preproduction, polishing scripts, creation of 3D animated presentations and commercials. 50+ websites for sports, entertainment celebrities as well as finance and real estate industries.

NorthStar  Entertainment (07) Entertainers portfolio site with MP3’s , xml driven menus and galleries.

Radeis Interactive (07) Coding of custom classes for an architectural Tile Rendering application capable of loading, displaying and choosing large catalogs of tile types, custom color matching for tile choice presentation based on classic color theory.

AssignmentEarth (06-07) Development and coding of full dynamically loading Flash video site for the 60 Minutes Assignment Earth series of segments.

This American Land (06-07) Development and coding of full dynamically loading Flash video site for the PBS This American Land series with Gary Streiker.

VADD Systems (06)- Industrial design and technical specifications for Voice Activated Directional Display  for automated voice and visual mapping of items in Home Depot stores in conjunction  with targeted advertisement.

Tricycle Inc (06) – Custom Component ActionScript Coder. Research and development of Flash Components based on AS 2.0 Framework. Entire site development and attachment of components and subcomponents via code only for Internationally Award Winning Software and Business Enterprise Applications for the Architectural Accessories Industries

Alta Vista Language Translation Services (05)- Atlanta, Georgia - Banner Ads for partnered sites of this company.

Cherokee USA (05)- Web commercial for world fashion giant. Actionscript driven 3 minute commercial driven by a 25 frame container clip.

GECS (General Electric Contractor Services)(05)- Design and coding of Flash SCORM based elearning modules. Design, construction and coding of Course Module allowing any materials they need to teach to be loaded into and automatically scored. Included search engine, glossary, time based tests, column matching tests, multiple choice tests, video players, audio and animation players.

Jam Tower (05) – Facade redesign of oldest private Church in Harlem on 125th St NYC. Consultation on video board advertising to be erected on site. Specification of equipment for multimedia studio to be built at the location.

Camfaux Design. Art Director/Project Manager (05) Fast paced production of 2D and 3D materials for presentation and visual reference for clients seeking fabrication of signage, architectural install, convention booths, kiosks etc. Billboard design and outdoor commercials created  and edited. Broad cross section of clients from local to international Forbes 100.

Service & Resource Providers, Inc. – Atlanta, Georgia - Executive Director of Sales and Procurement – International commodities consultant and controlling Board Member of company based out of top Atlanta Law Firm. Specializing in AU metal transactions and HMS. Writing of contracts, close liason with clientele on both buy and sell sides, tracking of market trends. Worked extensively with Chinese and Indian groups along with acquiring and maintaining very high level European bank and financial institution contacts. I have also spoken with and attempted transactions with principles inside the Thai Royal Courts, The Saudis, The Sultanate of North Borneo.

Floating Company/La Rosa Entertainment (02) -Berkeley, California. – Michael Jackson World Tour. 3d Renders of  Record Holding Revolving Stage, lighting plots, giant sculptured puppets. “Hero Renders” of climax of show. Storyboards of shifting action at various points in production. Building of fully functioning miniatures of mechanised and puppeteered props in the show.

ComputerXperts.com (00-02) – Atlanta, Georgia -Multimedia and Concept Design. Work for dozens of clients involving everything from editing video, compositing, flying logos, to industrial design, website buildouts and magazine ads.

7 Course Theatre (00) - IT and Multimedia Tech and Creative Director

Omnihit.com (Apr 00 – Jan 01) - UI Designer /Webmaster/ Developer - Designed UI and developed several internal modules and widgets, including chatrooms, message boards, shopcarts, dating boards, animations, logos, PHP scripts. Extensive use of MySQL database and PHP4 scripting.

Ballistic Missile Defense Initiative (Apr 00) - Flash Movie depicting the defense capabilities of the system

Ultima Online Mercantile Association (Jan 00 – Feb 00) - Portal/UI Designer - Designed portal and user interfaces for the main portal and the shops of the Marketplace. Part of the internal world of Ultima Online,at the time the oldest and largest 3D game on the web.

Netsentinel.net (Mar 98 – Dec 99) – Atlanta, Georgia - Director of Web Hosting and Multimedia Svcs - Designed and produced their website, brochures, collaterals, videos and wrote tech papers and developed a base set of operations instructions for a Counter Measures anti-hacking team. While working with them I had the opportunity to develop the internal HTML based framework for the Bavarian Education Ministries internal web. I also developed a whole series of CD-ROM based training apps in Shockwave for training of sales staff. I as well designed the prototypes for several high security Rack Vault Cabinets for co-location. I was hired because of the computer design work and installation of their corporate lobby and my professional knowledge of the internet as well as marketing.

Corson Design (88-02) – Atlanta, Georgia - Master Artist/Sculptor/Project Co-ordinator and Industrial Designer. Highlights include the largest art install at any Olympics of the Coca Cola Olympic Flame Icon at 167 feet tall and 175 tons, The Great Fish (83 ton 65 foot tall sculpture with 10.5 tons of pure copper in over 2200+ hand pounded scales and 3300+ custom cut pieces of copper foil. Times Squares’ largest fibre optics sign for Athletes foot. The worlds largest Camel TV in Brooklyn NY, The CNN signs and five landmark sculptures in Atlanta. I did all of the proposals and the CAD designs for these projects. Dozens of other fabrication projects from 8 foot replicas of the Oscar to 30 foot hands, 12 foot Mercury’s Foot, a series of giant Atlas styled figures of perforated aircraft aluminum, and several architectural pieces for high dollar dining establishments. I was project co-ordinator for umpteen design through install fabrications for dozens of Fortune 500 companies. These included trivisions, giant media screens, onsite large projection for promotional and theatrical events, architectural fly-throughs, 3D renders of proposals, monument installs, crew foreman and other tasks.

Glass Spiders Tour (88) – Atlanta, Georgia - Custom leather costume design and fabrication for lead dancers. Very gothic warrior looking.

Sound Studio (82-current) – Atlanta, Georgia - Owner and proprietor of recording studio. Production, engineering, musician for many varied local and national projects.

Fantasy Factory (84-88) – Atlanta, Georgia - Movie SFX design (old style with rubber molds and fake blood etc.) Movie poster design, script editing, storyboarding. Tacky horror movies for a Far Eastern and European clientele who liked those things!?!

Turner Advertising (82-84 – Atlanta, Georgia) - Art Director for Turner Outdoor. Produced hundreds of billboards for most fortune 500 companies and mom and pop businesses as well.

Aura Magazine (81-82) – NYC.NY - Creative Director and Editor of Sci-fi and Fantasy Magazine based in the West Village NYC

Theatre Of The Streets (79-81) – NYC. NY -Choreographed and Directed satire and dance for Troupe of former Street performers.

Reddy Memorial Hospital (76-77) – Montreal, Quebec - Assisted in Operating Room, Obstetrics, Orthopedics, Geriatrics, Emergency Room and Autopsy.

Canadian Armed Forces (74-76) Ottawa, Ontario - Physiotherapist Technician and Medical Assistant. Distinguished for being the Non Commissioned recruit to score the highest overall score on their aptitude tests. Graduated in top three of my class at the Canadian Forces Medical Services School. OJT at National Defense Medical Centre at the then highest ranked Physiotherapy Department in North America.

Junior Sci fi Editor Penguin Books – Toronto (73-74) - Due to my standing in the High School I attended, my English teacher, seeing the books I would dive for, acquired a position for me reading, proofing and deciding which books to publish in their Junior Science Fiction selection



- Graduated top 3 in class Canadian Forces Medical Services School, Camp Borden Ontario

- SciFi & Fantasy Illustration at The New School For Social Research in NYC under Wayne Barlowe who is now famed for his role as Art Director for the movie Avatar.


  • Unity Game Engine Tech, Concept Art, Art and Creative Director, Game Artist/Programmer/Conceptualist/ToolMaker.
  • 3D Technical Direction, rigging, modeling, animation, texturing, shading, lighting.
  • Award winning science fiction and fantasy artist, trained in Renaissance and Baroque techniques of The Italian and Dutch Masters.
  • Record holding sculptor for landmark “The Great Fish” in Atlanta, the largest freestanding statue in the Southeastern US. 65 foot tall, 83 tons, 10.5 tons of .999 fine copper cladding https://www.buckheadrestaurants.com/images/restaurants/bg_atlanta-fish-market_directions.jpg
  • Musician, composer, producer, engineer. Recorded and engineered soundtracks, albums and songs for local and national artists in his Sound Studio since 1984.
  • Stage and set design. Preproduction renders, stage light plots, mechanical puppets miniatures and designed the full sized (45 foot eagle) puppets and 80 foot revolving stage with 60 foot video screens, as well as producing a hard bound limited to one edition book for Prince Abdul of Saudi Arabia of the entire concert storyboards and renders for the cancelled Michael Jackson “Ones” tour.
  • Art director, script polisher and sculptor for Fantasy Factory Productions out of Atlanta. Latex appliance, set building and decoration, physical sfx, storyboards, posters & collaterals .
  • Excellent written and communication skills, deals well with clientele, contractors and vendors and offers prompt attention to issues that will arise during any large project.
  • Performance arts. Played onstage in a number of musical outfits from The North American Gypsy Theatre to several Hard Rock and Neo Classical stage bands.


Subject: Randy Blain Recommendation

From: Daniel Pearson

To whom it may concern:

I would like to recommend Randy Lee Blain, a renaissance man and an exceptional 3D artist. If your company or your agency are considering using his talents for your projects, you will be delighted with the end results. He is an highly creative individual, and a man of great intelligence and integrity.

If you are his client or employer, he will produce great works and he will always deliver whatever he promises to you in a professional and timely manner. Both for my clients as well as his own, he has concepted, designed and developed complex 3D animated graphic models and all aspects of sound for numerous commercial projects using Maya, ElectricImage, Lightwave,

and Cinema 4D. In addition, he has designed CD covers, posters, and web sites using Flash, Adobe AfterEffects, and Photoshop.

I am one of the principals of a premier technology agency called ComputerXperts. I am in the business of recognizing talent, and since 1987, my company has provided a full range of highly sought after  computer graphics artists and hard-to-find software experts to companies  like Crawford Communications, CNN, Turner Broadcasting, Computer Science Corporation as well as many of the fortune 100-1000 businesses.  Randy has worked for my company as an independent contractor for two years, and I have found that his inventive and “can do” attitude makes  him the artist and computer artist of choice for my clients’ most important and unusual projects. He is constantly researching and learning new skill sets. He will produce whatever you ask, however, you will find that he is in his ideal element when he is asked to concept and design fantastic  ideas that have never been done before.

When Randy tells you what he has really accomplished it will sound  boastful; nevertheless, it is all true, and that is why I feel that  I need to provide him a letter of recommendation instead of a traditional reference. He has produced many huge oil paintings in the style of the old masters. He was the winning artist who was selected over thousands of other competitors including Peter Max, to design, build and sculpt the Coca-Cola Icon Tower for the Olympic City in Atlanta. He has  produced a number of monumental sculptures, including the spectacular and beautiful 65 foot tall 83 ton Giant Fish, and the enormous sculpture of Atlas  carrying the world. I don’t know how he does it, because in addition to this, he has designed and built a number of unique eye catching sculpted metal billboards that were used for giant fiber optic advertising displays  in Atlanta, Times Square (NY), and Boston.

I think Randy’s talents could best be used on the West Coast and I hope he finds an opportunity to work for truly epic companies such as Pixar or Lucas Arts Industrial Light and Magic. However, he would do well in any position as a team member of any collaborative creative design studio, as he is a superb 3D artist/animator, Adobe AfterEffects and Flash developer, sound recording engineer, imagineer, technologist, futurist, set designer, prop maker, writer, composer, and rock musician.

For the last two years he has worked on numerous 3D computer graphics projects which required completely original artistic designs as well as superior expertise in many software packages. He is fun and easy to work with and his skills have proven to be a valuable asset to my clients.

I hope you find or make an opportunity to work with him as you will find that he is a versatile artist of rare talent, imagination, and exceptional abilities.


Daniel S. Pearson


ComputerXperts, Inc.


Letter of Recommendation

To: Whom It May Concern,

Please use this letter as our understanding that Randy Blain Has been employed by our company from time to time over the past 15+ years. Randy’s talents are too numerous to relay in a one page letter. Number one he is a great creative thinker that can put his images down on paper and then bring them to life either in animation or actual sculptures that are hand made.

Randy was responsible for the largest sculpture in Atlanta, Georgia at the Atlanta Fish Market. Not only did he design the Fish but also hand made every piece of this 83 ton 65 foot high piece. He also used the same direct build formula for the Atlas series of sculptures and the 1996 Olympic Coca Cola Ikon.

As a writer and producer you will find no one better at concepts thru completion..his creativity is unlimited.

The man is a great artist and will go down in history as a true Renaissance man of the ages.

We would highly recommend him on any creative job that presents itself.


Very Truly Yours

Anthony Vergoven

CEO Camfaux Corporation


Realms of Goldesia KickStarter Press Release written after an interview by a games media reporter

Randy Lee Blain

Executive Biography

Randy Lee Blain is a technological pioneer, with multifaceted skills ranging from special effects to advanced game development. His over 30 year career has showcased his expertise in a multitude of entertainment focused disciplines, including 3D and special effects production, digital cinema imaging, Unity platform development, graphic design, dance, and sound engineering. Randy brings his unparalleled talent and expertise to Aarianna Publishing, taking on the integral Lead Development role as he defines and develops the key technical differentiators for the forthcoming MMORPG Realms of Goldesia.

Randy began his career as Junior Sci-Fi Editor for Penguin Books in Toronto, parlaying his passion for science fiction into a full-blown expertise in fantasy art. He became a well-known expert in the Baroque techniques of the Italian and Dutch Masters, later becoming the Art Director for Aura, an acclaimed sci-fi magazine. After heavy involvement with an off-Broadway dance troop whose founders later went on to create Cirque de Soleil, Randy then became Ted Turner’s Art Director, and designed the famous TNT network logo.

In addition to his dance and design talents, Randy has spent an impressive amount of time perfecting his abilities as a recording engineer. He has produced, recorded, and engineered various soundtracks, albums, and songs for local and international artists in his Sound Studio in the last few decades. He has also spent much time in the wild world of special effects, responsible for creating preproduction renders, stage light plots, mechanical puppets and miniatures, and an 80 foot revolving stage for Michael Jackson’s cancelled “Ones” tour. Additionally, Randy worked as the Art Director, script polisher, and sculptor for Fantasy Factory Productions, creating latex appliances, sets, and fake blood SFX in addition to storyboards and collaterals.

These days, Randy contributes his enormous breadth of experience and knowledge to large-scale online massively-multiplayer games, utilizing various software to create 3D, compositing, special effects, and color grading pipelines for advanced imagery games. He has developed and released multiple iOS and desktop applications, platforms, and cutting edge custom components using the Unity game engine for a myriad of clients.

He now assists Aarianna Publishing in the grand task of launching Realms of Goldesia on KickStarter. Randy has helped to craft the dynamic storyline, the look and feel of all art assets, and he’s designed and begun developing a highly innovative new combat system to help propel Realms into a genre-defining launch. Randy’s unique blend of technical and artistic skills, coupled with his extensive experience in all manner of arts and entertainment, make him a sought-after consultant for projects of all kinds. Randy Lee Blain is a modern-day polymath, and will no doubt continue crafting memorable and innovative successes!



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